Monday, 22 May 2017

Tory U-Turn on Care Costs Reveals "Weak and Wobbling" PM

Strong SNP Voices Needed to Stand Up for Older People

Commenting on Theresa May’s embarrassing U-turn on the costs of social care – where she announced a consultation on a cap on care costs following intense criticism of the Tory manifesto provisions – SNP Depute Leader and candidate for Moray, Angus Robertson, said:

“This is an utter humiliation for Theresa May, and the U-turn betrays the reality of the Tory leadership – that of a weak and wobbling Prime Minister.

“Just four days after launching their manifesto, Mrs May has crumbled under criticism and announced this embarrassing reverse.

“Today’s U-turn follows the climb down over National Insurance policy in the last Budget. So the question now is what else is set to be ditched from an unravelling manifesto, by a Tory party which is clearly in panic?

“The manifesto policy on care costs has clearly bombed with voters on the doorsteps. And older people are right to be horrified by the Tories’ attacks on pensioner incomes – while cutting taxes for the rich, the Conservatives want to slash winter fuel payments and are refusing to guarantee fair state pension increases.

“The more this campaign continues, the more the Tory mask slips and the more we see the cruel consequences of their policies – no wonder the Prime Minister is afraid to face voters.

“On June 8th, the people of Scotland have a chance to elect strong SNP voices who will stand up for Scotland’s pensioners – protecting free personal care for the elderly, supporting the triple-lock on pensions and protecting winter fuel payments.

“Now more than ever, it is vital that we have strong SNP voices standing up for Scotland at Westminster.”

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Angus Robertson: SNP MPs Will 'Always Put The People Of Scotland First'

The Leader of the SNP at Westminster Angus Robertson has said that only SNP MPs will ‘put the people of Scotland first’ and continue to be a ‘stronger voice for Scotland’.
On the day the current Westminster parliament is dissolved, Angus Robertson has highlighted the SNP’s effective opposition to the Tories in the last parliament – and stressed that only by returning SNP MPs on June 8th can Scotland be protected from an emboldened Tory government with a disastrous Hard Brexit agenda, while Labour languish in the polls and stumble from crisis to crisis.

Angus Robertson commented :

“The SNP will stand up for Scotland in the next parliament – and continue to be the stronger voice for Scotland against the possibility of an emboldened, right-wing Tory party taking us off the cliff edge of a disastrous and deeply damaging Hard Brexit.

“It is becoming clearer by the day – following the revelations from the Juncker-May dinner – that the level of incompetence and incoherence from the Tories is staggering and that the prospect for Brexit negotiations with Tories in charge is deeply alarming.

“It is the SNP who have led the only effective opposition to the Tories at Westminster over the last two years, and in the next parliament we continue to do so – Scotland can only be protected from an unfettered Tory majority by electing SNP MPs on June 8th. The SNP’s record at Westminster demonstrates how essential it is that the SNP continues to stand up for Scotland.

“On Brexit - the SNP put forward amendments to the Article 50 Bill, including requiring the UK government to consider the interests of devolved administrations and protect the rights of EU citizens in the UK. However, the unamended Bill was passed with Labour’s support, once again giving the Tories a blank cheque for their Hard Brexit plan.

“On a whole raft of other issues it is also the SNP who challenge the Tories – from the disgraceful dilemma and injustice of the WASPI women to the opposition to the abhorrent rape clause.

“The SNP has been the only effective opposition whilst Labour have been sitting on their hands and continue with their endless in-fighting and leadership challenges. The latest figures show that SNP MPs have continued to outperform Labour and Tory MPs by participating in far more debates at Westminster than either party.

“The figures show that SNP MPs each contributed to an average of eight debates in March this year – while Labour and Tory MPs contributed to just five each – and in 2015-16, SNP MPs spoke in an average of 61 debates. This is almost double the number of their Scottish Labour predecessors, who spoke in an average of just 27 debates in 2014-15.

“This election offer a clear choice for the future. The more Tory MPs there are at Westminster, the heavier the price Scotland will pay.

“This is a Tory party who think they can do anything to Scotland and get away with it – the SNP won’t let them.

“The SNP will always put the people of Scotland first – and between now and June 8th we will work harder than ever to retain the trust of the people.”

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Angus Robertson's Challenge to Tory PM: Give Pensioners What They Deserve

SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson has challenged Theresa May as she visits Scotland, calling on the Prime Minister to ensure senior citizens get the pensions they deserve.
It follows a challenge at Prime Minster's Questions this week when Theresa May refused to protect pensioners who are now facing a pensions bombshell - she was unable to give a clear and unambiguous promise to continue the 'triple lock' on state pensions.

A ‘triple lock’ would ensure the value of the state pension rises in line with inflation so older people are not left out of pocket.

Pension inequality and unfairness is also a massive issue for two and a half million women in the UK who are affected by the decision to equalise the state pension age by 2020.

Tory Pensions Secretary Damian Green wrongly claimed on Question Time on Thursday that the Scottish Parliament could use new social security powers to introduce a new benefit for WASPI women in Scotland, despite the legislation on powers for the Scottish parliament explicitly preventing the provision of pension benefits. Neither can the Scottish Parliament top-up the pension for WASPI women because the UK government has made the WASPI women ineligible for any pension payments.

Angus Robertson MP said:

"When Theresa May comes to Scotland, she needs to tell pensioners they will get what is rightfully theirs.

“The only reason to not guarantee the pensions triple lock is to spend less on pensions. The public and senior citizens are right to fear a pensions bombshell by the Tories.

“Too many women already face pensions inequality, and despite many campaigning across the country for what is rightfully theirs, Theresa May is refusing to listen.

“Theresa May's Pensions Secretary tried to mislead the public and shamefully tried lay blame with the Scottish Parliament.

"In Scotland the election is a straight fight between the SNP and the Tories, and there can be only one winner in that battle.

"A vote for the SNP keeps the Tories in check, strengthens Scotland's hand at Westminster and stops Scotland's voice from being silenced.

"But one of the many questions Theresa May will try and dodge on her flying visit north is this - is she gearing up to short-change older people across the country by scrapping the 'triple lock' on pensions?"

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Sole Tory MP in Scotland on Fishing

Fishing still "expendable" to the Tories

The Tories false promises on the future of fishing in Scotland have been sunk by their only Scottish MP.

The SNP has today highlighted comments from David Mundell who previously warned fishermen and voters that “the idea we would go back to a position where we were entirely in control of our own fishing is not one that is realistic.”

And that “the fishermen are wrong” over Brexit and “there is no way we would go back to Scotland or Britain controlling British waters.”

His comments are backed up by Theresa May’s plans for Brexit, where the Tories say:

“Given the heavy reliance on UK waters of the EU fishing industry and the importance of EU waters to the UK, it is in both our interests to reach a mutually beneficial deal that works for the UK and the EU’s fishing communities.”

Theresa May previously warned that Brexit negotiations wouldn’t make EU fishermen any poorer.

In addition leaked priorities for the Brexit negotiations described fishing as “low priority” for the UK Government.

Commenting, SNP MSP Maree Todd said:

“David Mundell has sunk the Tories efforts to hide the truth from Scotland’s fishing communities.

“The SNP is the only party that will always stand up for Scotland’s fishing industry – unlike the Tories, who infamously and shamefully described our fishing fleets as ‘expendable’.

“And with fishing described as a low priority in the Brexit talks, it is clear the Tories are preparing to sell out the industry again.

“Scotland’s fishing communities will always be a priority for the SNP.

“At this election a vote for the SNP will send a warning to the Tories that they will not get away with selling out Scotland’s fishing communities for a second time.”
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